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From scheduling to fleet statistics



SmartJet tips

Schedule a flight

Ops and pilots
Discover how easy and fast it is to manage your schedule and book a RT flight.

Prepare your flight

Ops and pilots
Less than 5 minutes to prepare your RT flight.

Pax request

Pax and assistants
Discover how easy it is for a PAX or his assistant to create a flight request!

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Made for pilots

Deal with all aspects of commercial and technical operations. Save all your flight activity and manage your crew easily.

Made for passengers

Enjoy a personal access of all services onboard, be advised on time and become autonomous in your flight requests.

Made for third parties

FBO, Maintenance centers, Operations desks are connected to SmartJet to make the whole value chain. 

"Business aviation is about saving time. Smartjet is about saving more..."

Louis Germain, CEO